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Dezzy Hollow, Hip Hop artist Born in Oceanside CA , Jan. 17th 1993 .     Inspired by the transformation of  Sounds of Zapp And Roger , Gap Band , Parliament , and all Old School Funk music to Hip Hop we hear today . Majority of Childhood he grew up listening to the inspiring Words of Tupac , Nas , Dj Quik , Biggie , and many Westcoast Artists. Living in Oceanside he found himself spending most of his Life in the Middle Valley area in a small house off Warner Street, with his 3 siblings . Work Hard seems to be the only motto he goes by , traveling up and down the coast promoting his Music and performing . Releasing his Newest Project January 17th 2014 “Exercising Power” , he expresses his most recent Life occurrences dealing with LAW, LOVE, & POWER . His objective is to speak on topics all Young Adults face in the kindest manner . ” Exercising Power was titled to his newest released project because Everyone Alive has some sort of Power , but how its Exercised makes a person who they really are. ” Currently working on the next project titled Soulfood with a totally different vibe than Exercising Power. Release date TBA -Dezzy H.



Song: Kry | Artist: Dezzy Hollow | Album: Soul Food Project
Directed by: Daniel Ximenez (@dmximenez)
Song Produced by: Kevbo Beats | Video Girl:
Video Produced by MadStrange




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